Jungle Brothers @ The Shrine November 14


Who / What:

Jungle Brothers (Mike Gee, Afrika Baby Bam & DJ Sammy B) with DJ Timbuck2


November 14, 2014, doors open at 9pm


The Shrine



Ticket Options Available:

General Admission – $17

Service Charge / Additional Fees:


Additional Information:

Venue Link:


Jungle Brothers Facebook Page:


Bio from Wikipedia:

“The Jungle Brothers are an American hip hop group that pioneered the fusion of jazz and hip-hop and also became the first hip-hop group to use a house-music producer. The group began performing in the mid-1980s and released its first album, Straight Out the Jungle, in July 1988.[1] With Afrocentric lyrics and innovative beats, the Jungle Brothers were critically acclaimed and soon joined the influential Native Tongues collective.[2] The original trio comprised Michael Small (Mike Gee), Nathaniel Hall (Afrika Baby Bam, a homage to Afrika Bambaataa) and Sammy Burwell (DJ Sammy B). Sammy B left the group after the group released Raw Deluxe in May 1997.[1]

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